Friday, May 20, 2016

Practicing versus Living

As life passes and as we age, the way we look at things changes. It applies to Spiritual beings, philosophers and invariably even with atheists.
Getting to Yoga sessions and meditational practices starts as a part in one’s life when they get spiritual. We are told spending quality time daily on these keeps our mind and body healthy. Invariably every single being clings on to a religion or a spiritual practice. Does this get the person to where he/she wants to? Many a times.:)!                
Why? Why do people who practice daily also don’t get to a point of what they want out of it?

A 60 minute intense practice of asana and another 23hours of distraction that involves drinking, partying, smoking and indifference to other things around you. An intense Kriya yoga or Vaasi yoga for 2 hours a day with no understanding of why you are doing this?
I have been asking a question in line to this discussion, to quite a few people that includes Americans, Japanese and Indians, who talk to me on any spiritual practice. "Why do you meditate? "
Do you mediate too? Then think of an answer that you will say before you scroll down this Blog.


Common answers: centering self, increase focus, slowdown mind, loose self, conscious related, rejuvenate…
On hearing this when I ask them is this not something achieved by sleeping? Sleep technically addresses all of them so why would you meditate. That question usually flabbergasts the seekers.
The underlying problem is due to lack of lucidness on why we go seeking. A deep retrospection of this will have 3 things connected to one’s inside. They are Fear, Greed and Pride. 

1.      Fear to deal a tough situation (relationship, debt or even the fear of death)

2.      Greed to attain special capabilities (attain power to control situations and others)

3.      The pride of being someone special who is close to God. (attention Grabbing and Power mongering)

These are the one who start a spiritual practice for a reason. When that emotion is gone the practice is also gone. However the souls that are wise, understand the higher life was the actual goal after all these emotions goes dead. They hence live the higher life.
Higher life is a way of noble living. For them their mind is 24*7 on what they do and eventually there is no difference between practicing and living a different way of life. That is true meditation. Their way of life, the things they do, the effect they create around the society is profound.
Spiritual leaders or any leaders for that matter are not known for the schools they come or the practice they do. A Siddha are a Buddha is known by the life he lives and not by the practice he/she does. Touch the “Yema” of being good and noble. Remaining 7 steps of ashtanga yoga will follow you. If you are noble the gurus and the universe will find their way to you.