Sunday, July 17, 2016

Believing as opposed to knowing

The word believing by virtue is subject to Oscillation. One can start believing or stop believing “something” which wasn’t the same way until then. In another ways swaying of trust is due to lack of “knowledge about the something” or “due to the quality of knowledge about the something”.

Science always continues to look further for knowledge on the “something”. When anyone tries to put forward their knowing experience of this “something” for first time, then it is taken as a theory/Hypothesis. The hypothesis then is subjected for Empirical evidences to define the “something”. The knowing (collective details obtained through experiments, evidences and data) are then looked for coherence and collective acceptance from elite team. Thus the “knowledge of something” is derived.

For a better understanding let us compare 2 such knowledge  here. The “Knowledge of Malaria Cure” vs “Knowledge of Cancer cure”. The former is profound knowledge compared to the later. The former works and is believed whereas the later one is left to disbelief. The disbelief is pretty much synonymous to the word “terminal Illness” in this context.

What works is profound knowledge and what doesn’t is shallow knowledge. “So what works is truth”. In another words “What is truth always works”. The secret is in the “True knowing” irrespective of whether it is science, Maths, Philosophy or Astronomy. It is a constant battle between wisdom and knowledge. It is not the “Intellects” who will get closer to truth it is about the people who exhibit “intelligence” who will get close to the act.

The very act of claiming oneself “intellect in an area” and not knowing the truth of that area is contradicting. This is because you are still clinging on to a knowledge that is not working and calling yourself intellect. This knowledge generates disbelief irrespective of the subject you specialize in.

Philosophically the word “intellect” reflects ego and “intelligence” reflects capability. The latter is about abundance and reflects that it is something,  one  will have to constantly thrive in-order to reach the truth.

It is choice between believing the truth as opposed to knowing the truth J for seekers