Monday, November 28, 2016

Anger of the Great / யோகியின் ரௌத்திரம்

Do you look at the world critically? No :) ...I Get it.

நீங்கள் இவ்வுலக நடவடிக்கைகளை கூர்ந்த கவனிப்பவரா ?

Many don't view "Important things" as Important in this busy world ( A perennial busy world :)). Its unfortunate how humans have gone far from vital things of reality that help them live/exist.

It's ok to get a little corrupted, Live on chemical foods, GMCrops. My dear Friends ..WAKE UP.. It's got to point, where the quality of life and health is getting traded full-time in the name of growth. I checked with a few friends and acquaintances of mine, while few of them knew what's happening others don't even bother on these issues. Not reacting to these life damaging actions is blamed on silence and maturity. I see this inability and lack of interest conveniently interpreted as Sathvik Guna.

We know that isn't true. How will Silence or Peace stop one from reacting to serious problems that's happening around us and affecting us on a daily basis. Where is the Genuine anger of a human being when injustice is done to living things?  Oh it's probably waiting and watching because nothing visible has happened to them yet. One can wait for something drastic to happen with them or learn from things that has started affecting others in the society.

When you don't care for issues happening to other living beings in the system near you, the cosmos as a system will fail to recognize you, when you need it the most.  It will put you on a life or death situation, which will demand you to even look at small things very critically. Till then it's ok for you to go ahead and Burn Ozone layer, Deforest, Slaughter Animals, in the name of growth and commerce. The greed of the system is already showing up on your Daily food, Seeds, Medications and with every single thing you have at your house now. You have a choice to act upon or continue to pretend as if nothing's happened. That my friend is not the Sathvik Guna but the presence of Tamo Guna in disguise. Inaction can never be Sathvik Guna.

One's inability, indifference and selfishness affecting from seeing the System and it's problems is called Tamo-Guna. So asking no questions and not worrying can't be called Sathvik. It's pretending to be so. The aggression formed by Tamo Guna is destructive

Sathvik is the Supreme's Silence. It is the silence of a Warrior and the peace kept by balancing Justice. When injustice happens to living beings then the Supreme's Warrior Sense of Silence, breaks into Genuine & Constructive anger, which is called the Rowdhram (Rajo-Guna). In this case this is a powerful anger caused from Sathvik Guna that will annihilate the aggression (Rajo-Guna) that was created by Tamo Guna. This Supreme Aggression is the need of the hour

Tamo Guna is eventually Death by Choice and depicted using Buffalo. The head of Buffalo is chopped and controlled by Goddess Durga's feet Symbolically. Those who succumb to this guna will need a fierce shakthi called Durga/ Chandi to overcome laziness, inaction and ignorance. Rest die without action and by their choice.

Registering anger in Social media is not enough because they are not actionable.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Don't idle..Keep moving Bro/Sis

As Albert Einstein wrote: "It seems as though we must use sometimes the one theory and sometimes the other, while at times we may use either. We are faced with a new kind of difficulty. We have two contradictory pictures of reality; separately neither of them fully explains the phenomena of light, but together they do".

Duality with Non-Duality when put together explains the Phenomenon "Source of Life"

In simple religious terms if you are worshiping a deity then there is a duality. The difference here is the distance between you and the deity. When you start walking towards deity, distance reduces and Vision of Idol increases.

Non-Duality states when the distance gets reduced, both looks same and eventually becomes one Person.(Now Instead of the Idol with its usual looks, imagine the Deity with an Image of yours if you don't understand the statement). Other way of looking at this is; they are not in dual places and dual items having dual distances. They are just non-dual now.

There are only two ways to get there (being Non-dual). 
First one is walk towards it, so you get there. 
Other way is to stand Still to see the Image come to you.

While the later one is done by great Yogis and Siddha, rest of the human race are walking the great distance as mentioned by the first one.

The 2nd one(Later one) is the most powerful Inner Walk (A journey that could only be understood by the Great and Noble Souls). A Route that's Rough and a Journey that's Tough. Externally the still looks can be misleading, however internally the Speed it moves is hard for others to Comprehend.

அவன் சிவனே னு கிடக்கிறான்
சதா இதே சிந்தையா இருக்கான் பார்
சோம (சும்மா இருக்கான் பார்)
இதே கதியாய் இருக்கான் பார்

Hence this Journey is Mis-understood by Commoners as Staying Idle. This is considered as Laziness as the external appearance and actions could be Mis-leading. Stillness is a powerful progression towards non-duality or in a state where there is no duality.

Let me state the difference between Idling and Staying Still. Staying Still takes humongous practices and skills. In a forest and nerve chilling Himalaya a day would be OK for an Idling person.After that the chillness, loneliness and silence and can make them mad in a month. Understand this is not easy.  A person who has practiced to be still can be there for Weeks/Months and Years in place that is dead silent.

For people who can't take the rough journey like Siddhas, will still have to take baby steps and progress further. The steps may be  Bhakthi, Bhajan, Social Service, Ashram Visits and or atleast doing their Jobs properly (Karma Routines). If they don't take small steps in forward direction that is when we call the mind to be "Idling". Now I think it will be easy to identify the difference between Idling and staying still. Unlike stillness the idle mind will make you move backwards in the opposite direction. The mind thus has to be constantly engaged with a target/idol/image/Destiny or a Goal in order to keep one walking forward. It is a huge sea to swim but the only choice is to move forward whether it is slow or fast.

In order to walk/swim the support of supreme will be required as mentioned by Thiruvalluvar below.

பிறவிப் பெருங் கடல் நீந்துவர் நீந்தார் 
இறைவன் அடி சேராதார் 

None can swim the great sea of births but those
who are united to the feet of God.

Keep moving ...Don't Idle.